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Project Management

As one of our associates repeatedly emphasises, "If you can't measure it, you can't manage it; and if you can't manage it, you can't improve it."

1.0   The project leader

1.1   Selecting the right project manager
1.2   Leadership skills
1.3   Time management
1.4   Setting achievable project objectives

2.0   The project team

2.1   Identifying the resources required
2.2   Building a project team
2.3   Keeping the team spirit
2.4   Delegation

3.0   Project strategy

3.1   Understanding the contract
3.2   Identifying the project priorities
3.3   Keeping the customer satisfied whilst claiming for contract variations
3.4   Managing subcontractors and suppliers

4.0   Project scheduling

4.1   Different project scheduling systems
4.2   Understanding the critical path
4.3   Task prioritisation
4.4   Managing late subcontractors and suppliers

5.0   Project organisation

5.1   Inspection techniques
5.2   Quality assurance and control
5.3   Effective expediting
5.4   Documentation control systems

6.0   Project assistance

6.1   Training
6.2   Provision of freelance assistants
6.3   Cost identification, analysis and control
6.4   Technical manual writing

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