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Feasibility Study Typical Content

0.0 Executive summary

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Background to the study
1.2 Objectives of the study
1.3 Scope of the study
1.4 Basis for project viability
1.5 Terminology

2.0 Waste and biomass fuels

2.1 The value of waste and biomass
2.2 The characteristics of waste and biomass
2.3 Waste and biomass residues available
2.4 Energy crops and Short Rotation Coppice (SRC)
2.5 Present and future cost of fuels

3.0 Regulatory framework

3.1 Planning permission
3.2 Environmental Permit (EP)
3.3 Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
3.4 The Waste Incineration Directive (WID)
3.5 CDM regulations

4.0 Technology options

4.1 Process options
4.2 Plant equipment options, including grid connection
4.3 Uses for recovered energy electricity, hot air, hot water, steam
4.4 Roads, hardstanding, drainage, fuel reception and storage, foundations and buildings
4.5 Plant suppliers and contractors

5.0 Principal plant data

5.1 Plant location
5.2 Plant technology, capacity and dimensions
5.3 Emissions flue gas, solid residue, liquid effluent, noise
5.4 Utilities consumption power, water, chemicals
5.5 Staff requirements

6.0 Revenue streams

6.1 Revenue from power, including renewable energy benefits
6.2 Revenue from heat, including avoided cost of fuel
6.3 Potential purchasers of power and heat
6.4 Emissions trading schemes
6.5 Sale of by-products

7.0 Financial analysis

7.1 Capital cost
7.2 Capital grants, subsidies and other assistance available
7.3 Revenue
7.4 Operating and maintenance costs, including major overhauls
7.5 Profitability analysis, including financing assumptions and financial robustness

8.0 Project development

8.1 Project programme during the project development phase
8.2 Project programme during the project implementation phase
8.3 Minimising the project duration
8.4 Next steps

9.0 Conclusions and recommendations

9.1 Conclusions
9.2 Recommendations


Appendix 1: Technical data and financial model
Appendix 2: Suppliers and contractors
Appendix 3: Contact details
            A3.1 Government departments and organisations
            A3.2 Industry associations
            A3.3 Waste and biomass fuel suppliers and advisors
            A3.4 Suppliers and contractors
            A3.5 Electricity purchasers
            A3.6 Distribution Network Operator (DNO)
Appendix 4: Drawings
            A4.1 Site layout drawing
            A4.2 Plant layout drawing
            A4.3 Plant general arrangement drawing
            A4.4 Preliminary foundations plan

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