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Business Development

We have experience in finding answers to the following questions for you:

1.0   Market analysis

1.1   Where are the markets for your products, services and skills?
1.2   Who are your competitors in those markets?
1.3   What are the market prices and how do they vary in different territories?
1.4   What is the profitability of your competitors?

2.0   Opportunity identification

2.1   Are you a product supplier or a service provider?
2.2   What are the market niches your company can best exploit?
2.3   What are the most profitable parts of the market?
2.4   Where are the markets heading - their growth and sales prices?

3.0   Your position in the market

3.1   Where are you currently positioned in the marketplace?
3.2   Is that the best market for you to be in?
3.3   Where do you want to be positioned?
3.4   What are the obstacles in your way?

4.0   Strategic development

4.1   What are your short, medium and long term goals?
4.2   What steps need to be taken to realise these goals?
4.3   What are the minimum resources are needed?
4.4   Finding effective overseas representatives

5.0   Sales planning and training

5.1   Focusing sales efforts on territories or market sectors
5.2   Setting targets for sales staff to achieve their full potential
5.3   Training in selling and presentations
5.4   Developing projects with your customers

6.0   Advertising and publicity

6.1   Maximising the effectiveness of your publicity budget
6.2   Writing technical articles for publication
6.3   Design and production of publicity material
6.4   Web site design, publishing and maintenance

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